Climate Change is an impending doom on humanity. When we hear climate change,  we usually think about environment? global warming? melting ice caps? renewable energy? ; Is that it?. Well, No! It is these and so much more. The climate discourse has now developed to include human rights, displacement, gender, labour, etc. But have you thought of climate change on hearing the words, stock markets?  IPR or trade secrets? Real estate? Insurance? Banks? Fashion Industry? Sports? Mental Health? Not really right? Despite many important advances, there continues to be a significant gap between the articulation of issues that climate change poses on many facets of our lives. Hence, ENACT – Enabling Necessary Action through Climate Talk.

ENACT is a forum intended to enable people to make links between climate change and its far reaching implications. The Global Climate Risk Index by German Watch has identified India as the 5th most vulnerable country to Climate Change. A developing country like India cannot simply afford to ignore the disruptive nature of climate change. The time gap between our efforts & intervention and the results has rendered the immediacy of the problem elusive. We cannot confine ourselves and limit the challenge of climate change to the prevailing political and economic environment in India. We have to take drastic, transformative steps to tackle climate change and push the limits outside the conventional climate change discussion. 

ENACT aims to create a climate literate society through dissemination of knowledge. We must become capable of making sense of the significance of the impact of climate change on us individually, the place we live in or the industry we work at.  This is also done by imparting knowledge among the common people about various contemporary issues existing around them and at the global level.  ENACT is also determined to help develop better understanding and use research in science, economics and law as a tool to find solutions. Ultimately, it aims at building a sustainable world for all living beings. It does not end there, but it starts with us looking at climate solutions by creating a shift in human behaviour and our capacity to make such a transition. Because, once we cross the threshold, there is no turning back. However, all hope is not lost. Lets work together, and make this earth a better place to live.