Why is this just as important as 'The Talk'?

Beyond being something people enjoy, the arts are also used as a means to affirm ideals or test beliefs. The arts here means forms of speech that use talent or creativity to construct artistic artifacts, situations, or experiences that can be shared with others. Art gives us a chance to more clearly interact with certain subjective and personal dimensions of climate change. It can cross the barrier of communication present in other forms.

Perceiving art requires attention, and processing art requires parts of the brain which are not normally accessed by typical climate change communications. Furthermore, art will offer visualizations of the problem to people and give them a personal encounter with the subject matter, which is particularly relevant with regard to climate change because many people still see it as an abstract topic which poses no direct danger. Therefore, ENACT will try to help you understand climate change through various artistic endeavours available in the public domain or through contributions made by individuals. ENACT wishes to leave no stone unturned to help individuals become part of a climate literate society.