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Kadwi Hawa is not your typical Bollywood movie. The story humanises the impact of climate change and most realistically portrays the issue; something the audience can connect with.  Set in the backdrop of Mahua in Rajasthan, the movie explores the unusual relationship forged between Hedu (blind father of a farmer) and Gunu (a bank recovery officer); both whose lives are impacted by climate change. Hedu is trying to find ways to lessen the burden of his son’s loan and Gunu is trying  help his family to escape the cyclones in the State of Odisha. Both of them are willing to  do everything they can for the sake of their family. Do watch the movie to know what happens!

Source: IMDB

Story of Raj, an engineer who wants to write a book about climate change. In his quest, he loses everything – his job, his girl and his hope. But he rises above his losses. Watch this Canadian Short film with the background of floods in India.

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