Our Collaborations

Work Never Felt So Good!

Alone we can do so little,
Together we can do so much.
– Helen Keller

Local Youth Environment Assembly - India, 2022

The Brahma Kumaris and Enact Earth Foundation were selected to organize a virtual LYEA for Indian youth. As part of the LYEA, we aim to create a space for youth to come together and learn sustainable solutions for a prosperous future. We plan to bring in experts who can provide guidance on the themes chosen and can share their practical experiences to take action on environmental governance, conservation and sustainability. Through this LYEA, we aspire to create an output document to feed the views of our youth participants into the Global YEA and the UNEA.   

Partners: Brahma Kumaris and Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative. 


The collaboration brought together 6 youngster between the ages 15-21 from ProjectuP and ENACT to write academic papers with Youth and Climate Change as the underlying theme.


Art is considered as one of the most powerful tools of Communication. Many of us still see climate change as an abstract topic. We need to convince individuals to take action on Climate Change; not in the future, NOW! Art, in this context, will help us visualize the problem to people and give them a personal encounter regarding climate change. ENACT has decided to conduct an event to encourage individuals to create awareness about climate change through art.